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ALTIS International School

1. Who We Are?

Altis International School (AIS) is a k-12 institution for distance learning based in the State of Tennessee, US, that promotes a holistic philosophy of Christian education – a journey to excellence (lat. altis), in which are educated the mind, the body and the spirit.

AIS has started the process of accreditation with NCPSA (National Council for Private School Accreditation) as an American international school for distance learning and co-accreditation with MSA (Middle States Accreditation). A student graduating from AIS and meeting the graduation requirements will receive a High School Diploma that is recognized by colleges and universities in the United States and elsewhere. Diplomas are issued by AIS after the student successfully completes grades k-8 and/ or grades 9-12. AIS students will take SAT examination/ baccalaureate at the end of high school.

AIS distance learning school is a partner of Transylvania International School based in Romania, the city of Brasov, and seeks to promote the same core values as TIS, such as:

  • cultivation of the intellect and the spiritual dimension; 
  • nurturing emotional intelligence and social intelligence, as well as a healthy lifestyle;
  • personalized, non-competitive and confidential education and evaluation; 
  • learning at one’s pace and the opportunity to accelerated learning; 
  • creativity; 
  • critical thinking; 
  • collaboration and communication; 
  • literacy;
  • responsibility towards nature; 
  • vocational counselling; 
  • life skills;
  • integrated curriculum;
  • religion values, open to all students regardless of religious denomination, aim to

implementation of moral and spiritual values and principles based on the Bible, without doctrinal discrimination.

2. Who We Serve?

Starting from the school year 2023-2024, AIS responds to the needs of those families that do not have the opportunity to bring their children to „brick-and-mortar” schools of their choice or prefer to attend their childrens educational needs in a specific manner, at home (Christian families, missionaries, students with special needs, gifted students, militaries families, traveling families, athletes etc.). AIS is providing a distance learning program that is tailored to US distance learning standards of education, culturally adapted to international students, and brought in every family’s home, with constant care and supervision by AIS professionals.

3. Curriculum

AIS provides an integrated curriculum, aligned to Common Core, based on Christian principles of education that AIS abides to, as well as cultural adaptation. 

AIS curriculum may be studied as follows:

  • Prep Students: blended learning (RO-EN) for two years – students that are still learners of English have the possibility to learn English in parallel with learning contents & skills in their mother tongue; the curriculum stays the same – as stated here, only the language of study could be Romanian (k-8). After two years of enrollment at AIS, they must switch to advanced English learners.
  • Advanced English Learners: all core subjects are taught in English (mandatory from 9th grade)

Core subjects (mandatory, adapted according to the grade, as mentioned in the student/ parent handbook):

  • Math
  • English Language Arts 
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Arts 
  • Physical Education


  • The family will choose what are the subjects that will be included in the electives. It could be a foreign language or the mother tongue, sports, life skills, critical thinking, neuroscience, financial education, health education, leadership studies, public speaking, rhetoric etc. They will appear on the school record and the evaluation will be project-based.

4. School calendar and extracurricular activities

  • Courses: September 5th – December 23rd 2022
  • Fall holiday: October 17th  – October 21st 2022
  • Christmas Break: December 24th 2022 – January 8th 2023
  • Courses: January 9th – April 6th 2023
  • Winter break: February 20th – February 24th 2023
  • Easter holiday: April 7th – April 18th 2023
  • Courses: April 19th – June 23rd 2023

Statutory holidays with no educational activity: 

  • November 30th, December 1st 2022; 
  • January 24th, May 1st, June 1st, June 5th 2023.

School activities (optional) – dates will be mentioned in the handbooks:

  • Student workshops during school days
  • Camp meeting during school year
  • Parent workshops during school year
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Charity Week
  • Talents Fair
  • Science Fair
  • Spelling Bee
  • Nature week
  • Bible Day
  • Family week

5. Enrollment 

For the school year 2023-2024, AIS will enroll students in grades K (kindergarten, 5-6 years old) to 7th grade, included.


  • Fill in the enrollment form, here.
  • After evaluating the initial form, AIS will send you the contract, which means that the request has been approved.
  • After receiving the contract, fill in, sign, scan and send it to the email address, along with other documents requested and the proof of payment. The bank account will be mentioned in the contract.
  • After receiving the contract & documents & proof of payment, AIS will send you the parent & student handbook and will give you access to your student account.
  • The school year begins September 5th, 2022. 

* AIS takes the liberty to select its students, based on conduct and/ or alignment to AIS code of values.

6. Tuition and Pricing

Basic package (initial placement and mentoring for the organization of the school year; curriculum & materials counseling; formal evaluation at the end of every unit of study; mid-school year formal evaluation – online; end of the school year formal evaluation – physical, at TIS headquarters in Brasov, for Romanian students; workshops and courses with students and parents; organization of activities with the class/ distance learning peers etc.):

  • 50 $ – enrollment fee
  • 450 $ – tuition per school year

*Students learn in their own pace following the curriculum & standards. There could be exceptions from the school calendar, according to specific needs of the student, that will be presented to the tutor.

**The units of study will be mentioned in the student/ parent handbook, they cover the standards in a broad way and will be scheduled for the entire school year. Accelerated learners may study them in a faster pace or may choose the order of unit study.

***At the beginning of every unit of study for core subjects, there will be a short description of content & skills expectations. The evaluation at the end of every unit of study will be from the announced content & skills expectations, in google forms. There will be a record of progress that both AIS and the student could follow.

Extra package (teacher-student mentoring at Math & English) – added to the basic package. Families may choose one or both options:

  • Math (in English)– 120 $/ per year (once in two weeks, for two hours, a math teacher will answer the entire class to problems that arose while studying the respective unit, as well as teaching the respective problematic contents; the schedule will be provided at the beginning of the school year). A class will not exceed 25 students. The problems could be announced prior to the class.
  • English – 120 $/ per year (once in two weeks, for two hours, an English teacher will answer the entire class to problems that arose while studying the respective unit, as well as teaching the respective problematic contents; the schedule will be provided at the beginning of the school year)

*These students have the possibility to attend a physical evaluation during mid-school year, at TIS, Brașov (Romanian students), instead of the online one.

Additional fees:

  • Extracurricular activities, camps, educational platforms etc.
  • Textbooks will be recommended by AIS specialists according to specific needs, and the costs are supported by the families. Families have the freedom to choose their textbooks, if the case.

* No matter the package chosen, AIS provides judicial support for Romanian students, cost free (eg. if authorities reach the family and ask for more details about the educational process).

** The enrollment fee, along with the tuition or the extra package (if the case) will be paid at the beginning of the school year.

*** For special cases, please contact us privately.


Siblings – 10% off (for every sibling)

7. Contact

US Students: +1 (423) 331-0854

Romanian Students: +40 757 377 377