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ALTIS International School

We are thrilled to welcome you to our journey towards excellence! In a world that's constantly changing, there are steadfast values to be treasured, a secure environment to foster growth, a purpose to fulfill, and a commitment to quality.

By utilizing distance learning, we create a context for families from all over the world to have an opportunity to share, explore, nurture, engage, and inspire an entire community of learners with diverse perspectives on learning but a common goal -making education family-tailored, character-driven, and student-centered.


What Families Say

From careful assessment of children to the flexibility in approaching remote learning, this school is evolving in every aspect it undertakes.
Authentic Christian values are impressively interwoven with the international experience of the community. The experienced team and open-minded mindset make this school a wise choice for parents seeking educational excellence.

Ovidiu Icavoc

An internationally-oriented community where children feel valued and genuinely supported. The fact that the school is accredited and has a young, dedicated, and open-minded team demonstrates their commitment to providing quality education. Christian values, flexibility, the freedom offered by the system, educational counseling, experience, safety, and the expertise of the founders are just a few of the reasons why I confidently recommend it.

Nela Chereches

Sunt incantat ca o școală din SUA este condusă din România și în felul acesta poți comunica cu unii dintre profesori și în romana. Imi place si faptul că Altis a format o comunitate atat pentru copii, cât și pentru părinți. O alta nevoie rezolvată este cea a transferurilor la alte scoli de Stat. In sfârșit copiii pot primi o foaie matricola care este echivalata direct de către CNRED. Transferul este tratat ca a oricărui elev venit din strainatate.

Marian Thomas

O scoala care face tot posibilul pentru o educatie cat mai buna, fie ca e la distanta fie ca e in prezenta fizica. Imi place ca pun in valoare toate calitatile si abilitatile fiecarui copil, copiii se simt liberi pentru a se exprima fara sa le fie teama daca o sa fie gresit sau nu ceea ce vor raspunde, modul de predare fiind explicat in asa fel incat fiecare copil sa poata sa inteleaga si sa invete lectia din clasa. Faptul ca nu sunt probleme atunci cand un copil vrea sa se transfere de la stat la Altis si invers, este un mare plus. As defini Altis ca: Profesionalism, sprijin si progres.

Miguel Rotaru

🌟 Exceptional Educational Experience at the International School! 🌟 We are incredibly thrilled with the international school our child attends! Truly, this school stands out through the dedication and extraordinary involvement of its mentors. We have been amazed by their profound interest in each child and their individual needs. Their seriousness and devotion to education are truly admirable. One aspect that has impressed us immensely is the school's encouragement not only of academic growth but also of personal development in children. The mentors not only deeply understand the children but also help them discover and nurture their talents. Our usually reserved child has become more enthusiastic about school due to the peaceful atmosphere and the support provided by these wonderful mentors. Another impressive feature is the strong bond created between parents and children through the school. We are encouraged to be part of the educational process and work together with the mentors to ensure our children's success. In conclusion, we are grateful to have found this school that not only imparts knowledge but also shapes strong and confident characters for the future. Our child loves school, and this is undeniable proof of the positive impact this institution has had on our family life. We wholeheartedly recommend this school to all families seeking authentic and personalized education for their children!

Artemisia Artemis

Apreciez echipa ALTIS pentru că dau dovadă de inteligența emoțională. Sunt inovatori, reușesc să își motiveaze elevii, stăpânesc pedagogia și utilizeză eficient timpul și resursele.

Samuel Bogdan