About Us

Who we are



Altis International School (ALTIS) was established in Ooltewah, Tennessee. The educational philosophy upon which ALTIS is founded was derived from a Christian worldview with a holistic approach to education, seeking to inspire, engage, and nurture solid educational values by educating the mind, body, and spirit. This approach to schooling blends technology, a family environment, and teacher mentorship with learning objectives and assessments to meet the educational needs of students.

Key-values: flexibility, autonomy, faith-based learning, support in evaluation, parent involvement, mentorship, and community of learning.

Philosophy Statement

We believe that the scope of education is character building and understanding one's purpose in life, as given by God. By utilizing distance learning, we create a context for families from all over the world to have an opportunity to share, explore, nurture, engage, and inspire an entire community of learners with diverse perspectives on learning but a common goal - making education family-tailored, character-driven, and student-centered.

Mission Statement

Altis International School seeks to inspire, engage, and nurture education from a Christian and holistic worldview in a distance learning environment.

Vision Statement

Altis International School provides accredited distance education infused with creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking across subjects, along with faith-based instruction. We aim to serve gifted students, athletes, children with special educational needs, traveling families, Christian families, and all other families interested in this type of schooling.